JMRA (pronounced jam-rah) is not a company, organization, or governmental agency. Instead, JMRA is an idea, a proposal, a grand vision to create an outdoor recreation destination in Whitley and McCreary counties along I-75 in southern Kentucky.

This website was created by concerned citizens not affiliated with any local businesses, governments, preservation groups, or the U.S. Forest Service. We are just ordinary citizens who want to see good things happen in our area, which is full of beautiful natural lands and charming small towns.

For JMRA to become reality, it will take a village, many of them. JMRA will require the collective will of local business leaders, politicians here and in Washington D.C., chambers of commerce, private landowners, the U.S. Forest Service, preservation groups, and residents in the local communities.

Let’s think big and do something special with the Jellico Mountains.

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