The United States Forest Service (USFS) is planning a large project of logging, spraying, and road work over the next 40 years through the year 2063. Treatments would occur on 9,800 acres (15.3 square miles) across 256 stands in the Jellico Mountains of Daniel Boone National Forest in southern Kentucky, including over 5,000 acres of effective clearcutting on steep slopes.

USFS Map of Proposed Logging in the Jellico Mountains

For example, here are the proposed treatments for Little Wolf Mountain above Jackson Creek. In the 3D map below, yellow is clearcut, orange is effective clearcut, grey is thinning, and green is midstory removal using herbicides, for a total of 195 acres shown here:

3D Map of Proposed Logging on Little Wolf Mountain

Reminder that each colored treatment area in the 3D map above represents thousands of trees in the real-world as shown below:

Little Wolf Mountain in October 2022

Let’s Aim Higher

The Jellico Mountains are a special place. Let’s aim higher and do something special here.

JMRA is a citizens’ alternative to the USFS plan to log nearly half the national forest in the Jellico Mountains. We respectfully request that the USFS re-evaluate its Jellico Logging Project to focus on recreation and forest health instead of extraction. And we also respectfully request that the USFS evaluate and adopt plans to create a National Recreation Area in the Jellico Mountains.


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