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JMRA — pronounced jam-rah — is a proposal to create an Outdoor Recreation Area in the Jellico Mountains just west of I-75 and south of KY-92 in southern Kentucky.

Jellico Mountains Recreation Area (JMRA) would comprise 40,000 acres of Daniel Boone National Forest and private land, designated for outdoor recreation and preservation.

JMRA has four key goals:

1. Designation as National Recreation Area or National Monument
Congress designates an official National Recreation Area or National Monument in the Jellico Mountains section of Daniel Boone National Forest, managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

2. Outdoor Recreation Cooperative
Surrounding towns and counties band together to create an outdoor recreation cooperative spanning Whitley and McCreary counties, including towns such as Williamsburg, Corbin, Pine Knot, Stearns, Whitley City, and Jellico. This will require a commitment from local business leaders, politicians here and in Washington D.C., chambers of commerce, tourism groups, and residents.

3. Land Trust
A land trust acquires donated and purchased private land in the Jellico Mountains for outdoor recreation and preservation.

4. Stop the Chop
The U.S. Forest Service modifies its plan to log half the national forest in the Jellico Mountains, including nearly 5,000 acres of clearcut on mostly steep slopes. Instead of focusing on resource extraction, Forest Service logging and treatments should support outdoor recreation and forest health.


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