The following are mostly stock photos taken elsewhere, because we don’t have a budget. But these photos show a reasonable and achievable vision for family fun, exploration, and adventure in JMRA.


Hike the beautiful mountains and forests.


Sleep under the stars, and wake up to see the sunrise.


For when you love stars and sunrises, but sleeping on the ground… not so much.


Hike and camp through the mountains.

Cabin Lodging

Rent a cabin for the full forest experience.

Rock Climbing

Jellico Mountains are full of climbable cliffs and boulders.

Trail Running

Great workout with no exhaust fumes!

Mountain Biking

Biking with no fumes but a little spice.

Sport Biking

Cyclocross is sweeping the nation on designed and maintained courses in forests.

Cross-Country Skiing

Occasional heavy mountain snows are perfect for cross-country skiing.


Surely there’s at least one good hill in the Jellico Mountains where kids (ahem) could enjoy sledding.

More activities below…

Gun Hunting

Teach your kids the right way to hunt.

Bow Hunting

Pickup some dinner on the way home.


Share a family tradition.


Collect mushrooms, berries, and herbs.

Bird Watching

The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.

Dog Hiking

Dogs are most welcome here.

Horseback Riding

Ride with your family through the forest.


See the sights and experience the forest from your vehicle.


Feel the wonder of our planet.


The mountains light up at sunset.

Jellico Mountains

Fall Colors

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Wolf Knob, Jellico Mountains


Gaze at the Milky Way blazing across the sky on clear nights.

More activities below…


Take a break from the hustle and bustle to find peace and quiet in the mountains.

Jeep Jamboree

Cumberlands Jeep Jamboree offers many spectacular views of waterfalls, cliff-lines, rivers, and forests.

Country Store

An affordable place to buy food, drink, necessities, and gifts.

Outdoor Shows

Music, movies, and theater in the great outdoors.


There’s lots of fun and fresh air in the forest.


Explore the rich history of the Cumberland Mountains.

Historical Places

Visit restored historical places like the Wolf Knob Fire Tower.

Not the Wolf Knob Fire Tower, which no longer exists

Enjoy Nature

And perhaps the most important activity of all: reconnect with nature and each other.

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