JMRA would follow many of the same guiding principles as the Daniel Boone National Forest:


Visitors feel safe to leave their car parked in a lot or along the road, hike in the mountains, and remote camp overnight with their family and friends.

Free Access

People can visit natural parts of JMRA for free, except for special paid attractions like mini-golf, zip line, etc.


People may visit most areas in JMRA anytime 24x7x365, like currently in much of the Daniel Boone National Forest, except of course during emergencies, hazards, weather events, etc. and to comply with federal and local laws and regulations.

Family Friendly

JMRA is fun and safe for kids, adults, and grandma.

Dog Friendly

Dogs are welcome in most parts of JMRA, including ample off-leash areas.

Neighbor Friendly

Visitors are quiet, courteous, and respectful to neighbors bordering JMRA and along the drive.

Ode to Cumberland

Embrace and leverage the rich history of the Cumberland Mountains and surrounding communities.

Mountain Traditions

Parents can teach their children to hunt and fish. People can gather mushrooms, berries, and herbs. Families can ride horses together.


Preserve large areas and corridors of mature and old growth forest to provide a healthy, balanced, and intact natural ecosystem for wildlife, and clean water and air for everyone.

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