McCreary Voice – With the rugged beauty and history of the area, perhaps it is no real surprise that a local citizens’ group is opposed to the U.S. Forest Service’s proposed Jellico (& Little Rock Creek) Vegetation Management Project, which incorporates the use of clearcutting and variations of clearcutting to harvest approximately 5,000 acres of the area over a period of forty years.  Seeking to “stop the chop,” the group is putting forth a proposal of their own in the form of JRMA (pronounced jam-rah).  JRMA is the group’s grand vision to create a Jellico Mountains Recreation Area (JMRA) in the Daniel Boone National Forest and private vacant land along I-75 in southern Kentucky.  Their hope is to save much of the mature forest and transform McCreary County and Whitley Counties into an outdoor recreation destination that will be the envy of rural America.